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 AET cryogenic and other gas process services has been launched.

AET process engineers average over 30 years of gas processing experience; including cryogenic processing designs, design reviews and design team process executions.


  • HYSYS simulations for process design and review

  • Bid package process designs - for Owner or EPC

  • Process review of bids received by Owner/Operator

  • Feasibility studies for gas liquids recovery and dewpoint control


  • Cryogenic C2 and C3+ recovery

  • Dewpoint control and condensate stabilization

  • Dehydration

  • Gas treating

  • Liquid treating

The AET Process Technology Advantage

The AET Process has proven to be an excellent state-of-the-art alternative to other hydrocarbon recovery technologies.  The AET Process highlights can include:

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Increased Selectivity

  • Increased Recovery

  • Reduced Costs

  • Simplified Operation                   

Our proprietary AET Process technology, including what was formerly referred to as Mehra Process technology, has recovery and purification applications in hydrocarbon processing industries including natural gas, refinery gases, and petrochemical streams.  See the Technology section for a description of each process application.

Is our technology feasible for your project?

Submit your inquiry by email to or by telephone at 281-447-0571 or by fax at 281-447-5601.

AET would like to have as much information as possible regarding the potential application such as feed gas rate, composition and conditions, along with desired produced product conditions and required specifications, and any economic data regarding product values and utility costs for use in our evaluation.  If the design basis for the project is not yet firm, we can assist with determining what information will be most valuable for establishing the viability of a project.

If a potential project appears to be a good application for our technology, we typically will provide an initial evaluation of the project including indications of anticipated performance, cost and utilities.  More detailed process and drafting work can be done as a project progresses to continue to support more accurate cost and performance information.

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Houston,TX 77060-3237 USA
Phone: 281.447.0571
Fax: 281.447.5601