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The intellectual property that represents the principal asset of AET is described in thirteen (13) U.S. patents and two additional applications awaiting action.  AET also holds a number of foreign patents in countries/areas where patent protection is meaningful and local markets are seeking new technology.  In addition, AET personnel have published a number of industry/problem specific essays and articles in several periodicals.  For a complete list of all articles, please contact us.

July 21, 2009 Combined Use of External and Internal Solvents in Processing Gases Containing Light, Medium and Heavy Components. U.S. Patent 7,563,307 B2.
March 4, 2008 Use of Cryogenic Temperatures In Processing Gases Containing Light Components With Physical Solvents, U.S. Patent 7,337,631.
March 2, 2004 The Use of a Stripping Gas in Flash Regeneration Solvent Absorption Systems, U.S. Patent 6,698,237 B2.
March 1999 Evolution of NGL Recovery Process, Hydrocarbon Engineering, March 1999, Vol. 4, No. 3, p. 84.
March 1, 1999 Guidelines Offered for Choosing Cryogenics or Absorption for Gas Processing, Oil & Gas Journal, March 1, 1999, Vol. 97, No. 99, p.62.
September 14, 1998 Trays, Process Changes Improve Frac Plant Operation, Oil & Gas Journal, September 14, 1998, p. 89.
March 16-18, 1998 Upgrading Straight Refrigeration Plants for NGL Enhancement: A Follow-Up, Gas Processors Association, 77th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas, March 16-18, 1998.
November 18, 1997 Absorption Process with Solvent Pre-Saturation, U.S. Patent 5,687,584.
October 28, 1997 Absorption Process for Rejection of Reactor Byproducts & Recovery of Monomers from Waste Gas Streams in Olefin Polymerization Process, U.S. Patent 5,681,908,.
September 29, 1997 Canadian Plant Ups C3 Recovery Without More Dehydration, Oil & Gas Journal, September 29, 1997, p. 86.
May 28, 1997 Upgrading Straight Refrigeration Plants for NGL Enhancement, Canadian Gas Processors Association, 2nd Quarterly Meeting, Alberta, Canada, May 28, 1997.
Fall 1996 Enhancing the Profitability of Lean Oil Absorption Through Simulation, GasTIPSTM, Fall 1996, Volume 2, Number 3, p. 38.
October 8, 1996 Retrofit Unit for Upgrading Natural Gas Refrigeration Plants,  U.S. Patent 5,561,988.
September 3, 1996 Absorption Process Without External Solvent, U.S. Patent 5,551,972.
August 20, 1996 Absorption Process for Recovering Ethylene & Hydrogen from Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Off-Gases, U.S. Patent 5,546,764.
May 28, 1996 Gas Phase Olefin Polymerization Process with Recovery of Monomers from Reactor Vent Gas by Absorption, U.S. Patent 5,521,264.
October 31, 1995 Absorption Process without External Solvent, U.S. Patent 5,462,583.
July 5, 1994 Absorption Process for Hydrogen and Ethylene Recovery, U.S. Patent 5,326,929.
Feb. 1994 Field Test Performance Evaluation of the Mehra Process for Nitrogen Rejection from Natural Gas, Gas Technology Institute, Topical Report GRI-93/0448, Feb. 1994.
July 6, 1993 Process for Recovering Helium From a Gas Stream, U.S. Patent 5,224,350.
June 15, 1993 Front End Hydrogenation and Absorption Process for Ethylene Recovery, U.S. Patent 5,220,097.
May 24, 1993 Non-Cryogenic N2 Rejection Process Gets Hugoton Field Test, Oil & Gas Journal, May 24, 1993, p. 62.
May 28, 1991 Low Pressure Non-Cryogenic Processing for Ethylene Recovery, U.S. Patent 5,019,143.
Mar. 1991 Comparison of the Mehra Process for Nitrogen Rejection to A Cryogenic Process for Nitrogen Rejection from Subquality Natural Gas, Gas Technology Institute, Topical Report GRI-90/0290, Mar. 1991.
Nov. 28, 1989 Processing Hydrocarbon Gases with Selected Physical Solvents, U. S. Patent 4,883,515.
April 26, 1988 Recovery and Purification of Hydrogen from Refinery and Petrochemical Off-Gas Streams, U.S. Patent 4,740,222, April 26, 1988.



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