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February, 2013 - AET provided a second license to the ConocoPhillips, Canada, O'Chiese NGL Plant to expand their capacity from 60 to 73 MMscfd.

January, 2012 - AET began providing Process Engineering services to PetroGas Systems, Angleton, TX.

May, 2011 - AET has applied for an AET Process NRU patent that will enhance our ability to process gases with variable nitrogen or hydrogen content while reducing capital cost and improving operability.

March, 2011 - AET awarded a Process Engineering Consulting contract with a major EPC.

January, 2011 - AET continues to improve our position for award of several large AET Process NRU facilities.

September, 2010 - First commercial AET Process NRU has been operating continuously for 7 years, first NGL recovery plant for 13 years and first HRU/LPG for 12 years.

December, 2009 - Several small LPG plant projects are being developed at refineries in Southeast Asia.

December, 2009 - Middle Eastern refinery project announced in July, 2007 will now be bid for at a later date.

December, 2009 - Preliminary design work has been done on a LPG recovery unit for a U.S. refinery.  The project has been delayed due to budget cuts but will still be built.

November, 2009 - International patents for two recent U.S. nitrogen rejection patents are being routinely approved.

July, 2009 - AET was awarded a U.S. Patent for nitrogen rejection using combined internal and external solvents and improved controls.

September, 2008  - AET was awarded a contract for expansion of the LPG Technology Package for Middle Eastern refinery initially awarded in July, 2007.  The design is now being upgraded to remove 1900 barrels of LPG from 11 MMscfd of gas.

August, 2008  - AET was awarded a U.S. Patent for removal of diamondoids from feed gas entering an AET Process NRU.  Diamondoids are a C-10 caged hydrocarbon molecule which will change from vapor directly to solid crystalline formations with reduction in temperature as occurs during initial cooling of most nitrogen rejection processes including the AET Process NRU.  The solidified diamondoids will plug most pieces of process equipment if they are not successfully removed.

April, 2008  - HNNG Development, LLC announced initial successful operation of the Resource Energy Technologies, LLC Nitrogen Rejection Unit in Kentucky.  Initial rate is 2 MMscfd.  Gas rate will increase to 5 MMscfd as additional wells are brought online.

March, 2008  - AET was awarded a U.S. Patent for nitrogen rejection from natural gas using a cryogenic adaptation of the AET Process absorption NRU.  Additional filings in foreign countries are proceeding.

February, 2008  - AET was awarded LPG Technology Package for U.S. Gulf Coast refinery.  LPG recovery of 4000 barrels per day is expected from approximately 19 MMscfd of gas.

October, 2007  - AET was awarded a technical support contract for evaluation of refrigeration and turbo-expander technologies for use in a large LPG recovery plant for North Africa.  Contract work was accomplished through August, 2008. 

July, 2007 HNNG Development, LLC announced initial successful operation of the Oso Oil & Gas Properties, LLC nitrogen rejection unit in Utah.  Initial rate is 2 MMscfd.  The facility is expected to operate for several months at this rate and then shut down while the current coal seam is abandoned and machinery is moved to a new coal seam for restart in 2008.

July, 2007 - AET was awarded LPG Technology Package for Middle Eastern refinery.  LPG recovery of 1300 barrels per day is expected from the gas rate of 4.2 MMscfd.

June 4, 2007 - Oil & Gas Journal printed an article in this week's edition titled "Saudi Aramco installs new LPG recovery unit at Yanbu' Refinery" based on a presentation at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Spring National Meeting April 22 - 27, 2007, Houston.  View article.

April 23, 2007 - Saleh M. Al-Shahrani, Yanbu' Refinery, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia and Yuv R. Mehra, Process & Control Systems, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia presented a paper titled "Start-up Experience for Value Recovery from CCR Net Gas at Yanbu' Refinery", Copyright 2007, Saudi Aramco, at the 2007 Spring Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). 

Yanbu' Refinery Department (YR) recently converted its Semi-Regenerative Platformer unit to UOP licensed Continuous Catalytic Regenerative (CCR) Platforming process.  To recover value from CCR net gas, an LPG Recovery Unit utilizing a new-to-Saudi Aramco technology was installed to maximize LPG recovery and to increase the hydrogen purity of the net gas for use in the new Diesel Hydro-Treater unit.  This paper will describe how the enhanced absorption process was incorporated at YR to complement the existing Saturate Gas Conditioning Unit, and share the experience with the start-up and operations of the LPG Recovery Unit.  The recovered, higher-value LPG is separated in the existing debutanizer column.  A new three-stage propane refrigeration system is used to chill the CCR net gas to maximize LPG recovery.

February 13, 2007 - Resource Energy Technologies, LLC ("RET") has signed a lease agreement with HNNG Development, LLC for an AET Process Nitrogen Rejection Unit ("NRU") that will be deployed on RET's Park City Project in Edmonson County, Kentucky, USA.  The natural gas to be produced by RET in Edmonson County, up to 5 MMCSFD, has an especially high nitrogen content of 17.5%.  The NRU is expected to become operational in July 2007.

January 31, 2007 - Oso Oil & Gas Properties, LLC has signed a lease agreement with HNNG Development, LLC for an AET Process Nitrogen Rejection Unit ("NRU") to process natural gas from a coal mine near Price in Carbon County, Utah, USA.  The NRU, which is expected to become operational in the second quarter of 2007, will process 1.5 - 8 MMSCFD of coal mine gas containing 15% nitrogen.

December 22, 2006 - Gateway Energy Corporation today announced that it sold to HNNG Development, LLC ("HNNG") its co-exclusive license in the United States, involving certain rights to the AET patented nitrogen rejection process.  As a consequence, HNNG now has an exclusive license in all of North America and certain rights in a number of foreign countries outside of North America to the AET Process technology for nitrogen rejection.

December 19, 2006 - HNNG Development, LLC, the licensee for AET Process technology for nitrogen rejection, announces the beginning of the start-up phase of its first unit on Agape Energy Alliance's natural gas field in Garfield County, Oklahoma.  This AET Process NRU is designed to process 1 MMSCFD of natural gas with a nitrogen content of 50%.

October 31, 2006 - Advanced Extraction Technologies, Inc. (AET) announced today the successful start-up and performance testing of an AET Processsm LPG Recovery Unit in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.  The licensee is Saudi Aramco for use at their Yanbu refinery.  The Unit, which has an inlet capacity of 55 MMscfd, met or exceeded all performance guarantees.  The engineering and construction contractor for this project was Snamprogetti.

AET has licensed AET Process Units for use in the United States, Canada, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

Requests for additional information about the AET Process LPG Recovery Unit may be emailed to:  Please insert after Subject: LPG Recovery.


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