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Refinery Gas - Off Gas Recovery

The patented Off-Gas Recovery (OGR) Process uses conventional unit operations for non-cryogenically absorbing ethylene and heavier hydrocarbons from FCCU and delayed coker off-gases that are usually burned in refineries.  After treating, the gases are counter-currently contacted with chilled, pre-saturated lean solvent in an ethylene absorber which is reboiled at the bottom.  The demethanized rich solvent is fractionated in the solvent regenerator to produce an overhead ethylene plus product and a bottoms lean solvent stream for returning to the top of the ethylene absorber.  The solvent is simply the heavier components of the feed gas.

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The ethylene plus product may be further fractionated to produce ethylene, ethane and propylene plus products as desired for specific applications.  If only C2 product recovery is required, the solvent regenerator can produce a mixed C2 overhead stream and a C3+ bottoms solvent stream, increasing process efficiency and reducing fractionation requirements.  When desired, the contained hydrogen in the overhead stream from the ethylene absorber may be recovered in an AET Hydrogen Recovery unit.  For most applications there are no solvent make-up requirements.  Recovery of C3 plus components from refinery off gases or fuel systems uses the same technology as LPG recovery from natural gas or ethylene recovery from refinery gases.  The performance difference is in the feed gas.   FCCU off-gas is typically more suitable for recovery of the high value ethylene/ethane mix.  Coker off-gas will see higher profitability from C3 plus recovery.  Compared to natural gas, the coker or fuel gas systems are much richer in C3 plus, increasing profitability and giving absorption technology a decided edge versus use of cryogenic technologies.  In C3 plus operation, the AET technology would operate with a C5+ regenerator tower bottoms product (and solvent composition) and a C3-C4 regenerator overhead product.


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